Greg MacMaster for State SenateKEWADIN, MI – Fifty-three Michigan veterans, representing four branches of the United States military, today endorsed State Rep. Greg MacMaster (R-Kewadin) for State Senate.

MacMaster, himself a disabled veteran, was endorsed by the following veterans who represent organizations that promote and serve the needs of tens of thousands of veterans across Michigan:

Lon Bargy – Army
Jeff Brooks – Army
Sam Campillo – Army
Greg Croiftchick – Army
Stephen Debusscheere – Army
Owen G. Drake – Army
James E. Emery – Army
Linda Fletcher – Army
Fred Goddard – Army
John Haggard – Army
Arthur Harrington – Army
Tracy Heath – Army
Charles Horvath – Army
Charles Lonnie Jewell – Army
Jerry Langhann – Army
Ron Martin – Army
Duke Mayo – Army
David McVaugh – Army
Calvin Murphy – Army
John L. Palmer – Army
Louie Paolino – Army
Brian Sommerfield – Army
Jack Pickard – Army
Frank Pifher – Army
Ralph H. Pruder – Army
Ralph Rehmer – Army
Michael Richardson – Army
‘Cupcake’ Rizzo – Army
Robert Roelofs – Army
Stan Simons – Army

Gary Hlavka – Navy
Frank L. Lenzott, Jr. – Navy
Curtis Richardson – Navy
Ken Shaw – Navy
Wally Shattuck – Navy

Dave Agema – Air Force
Harold Bastow – Air Force
Gary Biggs – Air Force
John H. Daly III – Air Force
Bill Furguson – Air Force
Neal Horning – Air Force
Randy McClure – Air Force
David McKinnon – Air Force
Scott Miller – Air Force
Al Ockert – Air Force
Gary Walter – Air Force

Jim Alton – Marines
Chuck Cross – Marines
Vic Diaz – Marines
Mike Hoeft – Marines
Dennis Kelly – Marines
Albert C. Keyes – Marines
Larry Lelito – Marines

“Rep. Greg MacMaster has been a key element to my business startup and continued success. As a disabled veteran, I proudly endorse Rep. MacMaster for State Senate,” said Jeff Brooks, Owner of Bravo Zulu Brewing in Williamsburg.

Bravo Zulu, which in military terms means “well done,” strives to promote an authentic sense of honor and donates a portion of their profits to local and national organizations that assist first responders, law enforcement, fire fighters, military personnel, veterans and their families.

“Greg MacMaster is a veteran who’s for veterans’ welfare. As a citizen of Michigan, I support his candidacy for the State Senate,” said Neal Horning.

“I recently contacted Rep. Greg MacMaster regarding a bill in the Military and Veterans Affairs subcommittee, of which he is a member.  After our conversation, he made a point of personally keeping me informed of the progress of the bill, and was instrumental in its passage. Based on his record of addressing the well being of Michigan veterans, as well as my own personal experience, I wholeheartedly endorse Greg MacMaster for State Senate,” said Chuck Cross.

“We need individuals with character in Lansing. Rep. Greg MacMaster has that,” said Jim Alton.

With today’s announcement, the MacMaster campaign has now surpassed 300 local leader endorsements.

“I’m deeply humbled to have the support of these heroes,” MacMaster said. “I will continue to work hard every day to be worthy of their support.”

Your can view his campaign’s website at this link;  –