ACRP August 21st, 2017 Monthly Meeting;  7:35 pm. meeting called to order by Chairman Randy Bishop followed by pledge and invocation.

Randy introduced Monika Fiebing, Benzonia County Republican Party Chairwoman who invited us to their annual picnic in Benzonia this Saturday from 4-6. Ray Franz will be there and possibly Bruce Rendon as guests.

Treasurer Report was given by Gregg Valerio. The golf outing did make a profit and Randy is working on getting the tent deposit back.

2017 paid Memberships are 14 family and 17 individual. The mailing to all Republican elected officials inviting them to the golf outing and inviting them to join our party resulted in 3 responses. Comments were that most elected Republicans in Antrim County generally run unopposed and don’t feel the need to join. Monika Fiebing commented that it’s the same in Benzonia County. Discussion followed about the best way to increase membership in the ACRP with responses running from negative pressure to positive actions. If each of us recruited one new member we would double in size.

Treasurer Report; Motion made by Kim McMaster and second by Vicki Bishop all approved to accept the treasurer report.

Secretary Report was given by reading the minutes from the June meeting; Motion was made by Barb Bradford and second by Kim McMaster, all approved to accept the minutes as read.

Chairman Report;  Randy reported that nothing had changed since June on who will be running for various offices and seats throughout Michigan in the 2018 election however the progressive left is using various ballot initiatives to drive Democrats to the polls including legalizing pot, Elliott Larsen LGBTQ Civil Rights, Enbridge Line 5. A short, but very impressive video of John James, who is exploring a run against Debbie Stabenow was shown.

Bi-annual Michigan Republican Party’s Leadership Conference is Sept 22-24 on Mackinaw Island. Cherie Hogan has been nominated by Randy Bishop for work done during the last election. Randy had his press credentials revoked by Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party Ron Weiser and Sarah Anderson for broadcasting the names of the 17 Republicans who are refusing to support the bill changing the insurance laws that would reduce auto rates for Michigan drivers. Randy has also done commercials for DTS naming these same Republicans who, apparently are listening more to the insurance lobby than their own constituents. Speaker of the House Tom Leonard favors the legislation and is planning on running for Attorney General in the future. 47 House Democrats oppose the legislation but Detroit Mayor Duggan is in favor as it is estimated that 50% of all Detroit drivers are uninsured. We must put more pressure on these Republicans to get this legislation passed. Randy asked the members in attendance if there was support for the legislature to pass insurance reforms that would lower our automobile rates by 50% and there was unanimous support.

Motion made by Barb Bradford, second by Dr. Richard Hoadley, all supported to pay Randy, Gregg, Cherie ticket to the Bi-annual Michigan Republican Party’s Leadership Conference. Randy will check to see which account to use from ACRP.

Much discussion about the golf outing and next year’s fundraiser. All agreed that June 22nd-23rd looked good and would not interfere with graduation, Father’s Day, or the Cherry festival. Randy will try to get someone like Allen West or Vice President Mike Pence. He will check on the cost of the Matterhorn Room at shanty Creek. Emmet County Republican Party made $5000 net profit after having Allen West as guest speaker this past Spring.

John Forest, Field Director for Northern Michigan 1st District was put on speaker phone and discussed future plans involving volunteer recruitment, data usage and resources, growing the Party, and his role in the position. He is currently helping with elections in Marquette but moving to Traverse City shortly. There will be several upcoming Data Center Basic Training webinars. Contact 517-282-7212 or RSVP Tony Zammit at

The 7th Annual Constitution Celebration hosted by Heather Cerone will be Saturday, September 16 from 4-9:30pm at the Great Wolf Lodge. It is $35 per person. Several great speakers are already lined up for this event including Jack Bergman, Professor William Wagner from the Great Lakes Justice Center/Salt & Light Global Initiative and Former Michigan State Supreme Court Chief Justice – Robert Young Jr. Contact Heather at 231-632-6624.

Tom Backers from Drain the Swamp stated that supporting DTS was a way to bypass the editors of newspapers who either edit or refuse to print letters from Conservatives. DTS uses radio advertising and is able to reach a sizeable audience from Port Huron north. DTS holds every elected official accountable for their actions regardless of party.

Motion to adjourn made by Vicki Bishop, second by Rob Bargy, all support and dismissed by 9:25pm.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cherie Hogan, Secretary