Meeting at Forest Home Township Hall called to order by Chairman Randy Bishop at 7:30 pm.  
Pledge of allegiance led by Randy followed by invocation by Jim Gurr.
Treasurer’s report given by Gregg Valerio. Motion by Mike Bertrum 2nd by Gerald Averill all approved to accept the Treasurer’s report.
Secretary report given by Cherie Hogan. Motion by Steve Hoadley, 2nd by Barb Bradford to accept the minutes as read. All approved.

Randy announced the that John James is now officially IN the race for the U.S. Senate, now held by Debbie Stabenow.  Retired Michigan Supreme Court Justice Bob Young is also running for Stabenow’s seat. The ‘incandescent bulb guy’, Fred Upton, who’s a progressive from the 6th district may also run.

Lena Epstein is now going to run for Dave Trott’s open seat in the 11th Congressional District race.

Jack Bergman is running unopposed but is facing a challenge from the Dems in the person of an Iraqi war veteran. Meanwhile Jack is seeking advice and suggestions for next year’s campaign via a special meeting with the grassroots.

The straw poll of 700 participants at the Republican Leadership Conference on Mackinaw Island had the following results;
-Bill Schuette with 56%, Brian Calley (not announced yet) with 23%, Pat Colbeck with 18%, & Jim Hines at 2%.
-US Senate results showed Bob Young at 36%, John James at 27%, Fred Upton 24%, Kid Rock 11%, Sandy Pensler and former Democrat turned Republican Bob Carr at 1%.
-Attorney General polling showed Tom Leonard at 64% and Tonya Schuitmaker at 33%.
-Sec of State showed Stan Grot at 48%, Mary Treder Lang at 21%.
-Lieutenant Governor showed Schuitmaker at 23% and Laura Cox at 20%.

Ballot proposal results:
-Calley’s part time legislature 51% yes, 49% no.
-Legalize Marijuana 32% yes, 68% no
-Repealing prevailing wage 72% yes, 28% no
-Redistricting by voters and paid sick leave for employees both were rejected
-Raise the minimum wage $12 an hour rejected by 85%

-Shutdown Enbridge Pipeline 5 rejected by 78%.

Randy says utility rates will rise by 50-100% should the pipeline close and the environmentalists will use this ballot wording as a model to force referendums in other states with pipelines to close them down as well.

Other Conference Highlights;
-A short video was shown of the Donald Trump impersonator
-Jason Chaffetz talked about his story and how his political career started when he requested a political sign to stick in his yard.
-Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin talked about how Kentucky flipped from 64 Dems and 46 Republicans to the exact opposite so far under his term and that he signed seven bills into law the first week he was governor and he did it on a Saturday. Challenged Michigan to get it’s act together or Kentucky ‘will eat our lunch’.


Randy spoke about the availability of Shanty Creek on June 22/23, 2018 for a fundraiser with a prominent guest speaker. Also, Democrats intend to primary every single Republican in 2018 from school boards on up.

Discussion followed of the very negative Democrat conventions and training sessions (resist and obstruct) vs the positive message from Republicans at their conventions. Jim Gurr reminded everybody that the work has just begun.

Long discussion on having Prof. William Wagner of Salt & Light Global Initiative as guest speaker for the October meeting which has been moved to Monday, October 23rd (motion by Mike Bertram, 2nd by Barb Bradford, all approved) to accommodate some members who have other commitments. Suggestions made to invite other County parties, judges, etc., to attend and move the venue to Kearney Township Hall which can seat up to 100 people.

Motion by Gerald Averill and 2nd by Mike Bertram followed by unanimous support to adjourn at 9:10pm

Respectfully submitted,

Cherie Hogan