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ACRP Meeting Minutes – July Meeting (held 8-1-16)

ACRP Meeting Minutes for 8/1/16

Meeting convened at 7:38 p.m. in the Antrim County Office building.

Randy Bishop: Pledge       Invocation: Jim Gurr

Treasurer Laura Bogdan absent.  Randy read Treasurer’s Report: Campaign Acct. $x,xxx.xx  Corporate Acct. $x,xxx.xx  Laura will have a financial breakdown on the golf outing at next month’s meeting.  Twenty nine golfers plus thirty three dinners participated in the ACRP Golf Outing / Fun Day event.

Mark your calendar for next year’s outing on July 15, 2017 at the Chief Golf Course.

Secretary’s Report: Priscilla Miller (unable to read the screen) –  Jim Gurr read the June 20th. meeting minutes.  Motion to approve: Mike Bertram, 2nd: Vicki Bishop.

Chairman’s Report: On attending the National Convention and the bus ride there. Gov. Chris Christie was the keynote speaker at the delegate’s Monday, July 18th breakfast. Cheri Hogan and Laura Bogdan attended the convention and found it “very interesting”.  They met several Fox News celebrities  along with Speaker Paul Ryan. Randy encourages members to seriously consider running as precinct delegates to be eligible to attend future conventions.

With State Representative Triston Cole in attendance, Chairman Bishop opened the floor to  discussion on matters pertaining to Tuesday’s primary election. Tom Stillings: encouraged a vote for Jack Bergman, in the 1st Congressional District race.  Jarris Rubingh:  “Bergman wasn’t in the race to make a career out of it”.

Marv Rubingh expressed lack of information on millage proposals. Discussion ensued regarding some of the upcoming county millages.

County Commissioner Christian Marcus: Spoke in favor of the “Stepping Up” program. (addresses mental health issues of people currently incarcerated for non violent crimes)

Next ACRP meeting will be on Monday August 22nd. 7:30 p.m. at Forest Home Twp. Hall.

Remember to get out and vote tomorrow!

Motion to adjourn: Tom Stillings  2nd Mike Bertram

ACRP’s June’s Meeting – Minutes 6-20-16

Antrim County Republican Party Meeting Minutes for 6/20/16

Forest Home Twp. Hall

Meeting convened at 7:36 p.m. Chairman Randy Bishop: Pledge, Prayer: Christian Marcus

Treasurer’s Report: Laura Bogdan: $x,xxx.xx  State Acct. x,xxx,xx  Corporate Acct.

Secretary’s Report:  Approval of May meeting minutes. Motion to approve: Barbara Bradford,  2nd Cherie Hogan, approved.

Chairman’s Report: Charlevoix GOP holding 50th Annual Picnic on Sunday June 26. at Whiting County Park in Boyne City. $20. for dinner.

 Lt. Gov. Brian Calley will be the keynote speaker at the ACRP Golf Outing and Fun Day event being held on Saturday, July 9th. from 1:00p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Chief Golf Course, in Bellaire.  18 hole scramble begins at 1:00p.m. (golfers arrive at 12:30)  $75. for Golf Scramble and BBQ (after 6-30-16 $100.) BBQ only $25. ($50. after 6-30-16) Other candidates will also be speaking.


Randy was on a conference call for delegates and alternates to the national convention, last night:  Kendal Unruh is a State Party Chairperson from Colorado, on the Rules Committee for National Convention. She is going to introduce a motion to amend the rules, to allow bound delegates to be un bound, leaving them free to vote their conscience, rather than the candidate they were elected to represent.  It’s called the “Conscience Clause”. Rules Committee meets July 11th -15th.  According to a book by Curly Hogman, the RNC Corporate Bylaws say that “technically all delegates are un bound and this rule supersedes all others.” If the Conscience Clause passes out of committee, it must be approved by the main body of the RNC (168 members).  All candidates except Trump have “suspended” campaigns, they have not quit.  Trump needed 1237 delegates he has 1542.

Co-chair: Jim Gurr, suggested Antrim County Republican Party pass a motion urging Judi Schwabak, our rep. on the Rules Committee for Michigan, not to release delegates from their commitment on the first ballot.  Cheri Hogan made the motion; 2nd Dorance Amos. Discussion followed: Passed unanimously!  Randy will prepare a press release and send it out.  Weekly conference calls will continue.  Randy will keep members informed of any new developments   Judi’s phone # is 906-280-0090

Randy asked for input from members if ‘Conscience Clause’ is adopted.  Gurr: There would be “profound disappointment.” if they betray their commitment.  Bill Bailey:“Death of the party” Cherie Hogan: “They won’t care if we’re disappointed”

Three GOP candidates running for 1st Congressional District.  Casper son, Allan and Bergman. Demi have Jerry Cannon and Lon Johnson.  If Cannon drops out, Dems. could cross over and vote in primary. Signs go out 60 days from Aug. 2nd.Primary.  Signs must be picked up on Aug. 3rd. Road Commission will charge if they have to pick up.  (Same time frame in November.)

Antrim County Commissioners sponsoring Dr. Sarah Nickhols Associate Professor from MSU, speaking on importance of tourism, for N.W. Michigan, on June 23rd at 10:a.m. in Elk Rapids Government Center and at 3:p.m. at Kearney Twp. Hall.

On Tuesday, Networks Northwest, North West Economic Alliance, MI Economic Dev. Corp. MI Strategic Fund, are holding final meeting on the 131 Corridor Project (from Cadillac to Petoski) Mancelona and Kalkaska, are main focus points.  Any money allocated will come from donations and not tax dollars.  Discussion with Commissioner Christian Marcus on passerby tourism, agra tourism and need for recreational tourism.

Randy: Stressed need for Forensic accounting of Detroit Public Schools. Discussed candidates running for Congressman Benishek’s seat.  Next meeting will be held on Monday July 25th. Motion to adjourn: Mike Bertram, 2nd.Mary Barton. Adjourned 8:47p.m.

  • Next Monthly Meeting; Monday, May 13th, 2024, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Location; Torch Lake Twp. Hall

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