Antrim County Republican Party  Meeting Minutes for 5/18/15 at Forest Home Twp. Hall

Meeting convened at 7:38 p.m.  Chairman Randy Bishop: Pledge of Allegiance: Invocation: Christian Marcus

Treasurer”s Report: Laura Bogdan: $ x,xxx.xx in State Account,  $ x,xxx.xx in General Account.

Chairman Randy Bishop:  Reviewed the results of ballot proposal: Defeated by a 80.1 to 19.9% margin.

Snyder was so certain Prop 1 would pass: Proposed 2015 budget for roads was reduced.

Senators and Snyder want to raise taxes: Pay attention to ‘User Fees’ pay by miles you drive: Would affect truckers: resulting in higher cost to consumers:  Raise registration fees: Snyder: Blames failure of Prop. 1, Contends, “It was too complex” Important: Reach out to Wayne Schmidt along with Mekoff,  Instrumental in pushing for tax increase. (Schmidt’s influence, was instrumental on three, of the ten bills tied to failed proposal)

Discussion on possible remedies to fixing roads without raising taxes:

Repeal prevailing wage: Passed 22 to 15 in Senate: Now in House Committee.

If passed, Snyder has threatened to veto.  (Could save about $ 224 Million a year if repealed.)

Brad Brown: Tapping into MCA Fund?  Fund receives $186. per car every year. Only 14,000  claims filed: no oversight: $18 Billion currently in fund. 4% interest = $720 Million a year. Fund is not in a “lock Box.”   MI is now #1: Highest car insurance in the nation.

Cotter’s plan:  Raised tax on Diesel fuel to match gas tax. Will be passed on to consumers.

Wholesale price on fuel: Changes from a per gallon fee to a % cost of wholesale.  Unlike sales tax which goes to schools, wholesale tax will go directly to roads ( not bike trails and busses) talking of phasing out sales tax 6% a year, while increasing wholesale gas tax 1% per year, over six years.

Randy: Motion that ACRP pass the following resolution, motion was 2nd by Priscilla;

WHEREAS, The Michigan Republican Party is a private organization which nominates, endorses and supports Republican candidates for elected office and then should lobby those said elected officials to uphold the values and principles contained in our National Republican platform (i.e. Pro-Life, Traditional Marriage, Pro-Gun/2nd Amendment Rights, etc…).

Therefore, we believe these activities should NOT be subsidized with taxpayer dollars! When eliminated, this would provide a minimum savings of Ten Million ($10,000,000.00) taxpayer dollars every other August during primary years, which could be better spent on the funding of our Constitutional required priorities of Roads, Education and Prisons;

WHEREAS, The Antrim County Republican Party believes that the process of nominating Republican candidates is and should be exclusively a “party function” and NOT performed via an open general election;

WHEREAS, The Antrim County Republican Party believes that all 83 Michigan Republican County parties need to increase the active number of their; members, elected precinct delegates and their county’s voting Republicans to be fully engaged in the “party function” of nominating Republican candidates;

WHEREAS, The Antrim County Republican Party believes that the most inexpensive and efficient method to conduct a “party function” to nominate Republican candidates is to hold “County Conventions” in all 83 Michigan counties on the same date and time.  To hold said County Conventions with proper notices (well in advance) sent to identified local Republicans and provide absentee ballots for our active military service men and women who will be unable to attend said County Conventions;

WHEREAS, The ballots and outcome of the election results shall remain in the custody of the local County Parties and not provided to the State of Michigan governmental agencies. The County Convention results would be shared with the Michigan Republican Party as a private organization and released to the Republican candidates, general public and media outlets at the Michigan Republican Party’s sole discretion;

It is hereby resolved by the Antrim County Republican Party to end Taxpayer funded primary elections in Michigan immediately, and to require the Michigan Republican Party and/or the Michigan Legislature to change any and all rules or laws as required/necessary to accomplish this said resolution.

Respectfully submitted by;

2nd: Priscilla Miller: Motion passed by 87% of members voting, after In depth discussion ensued on pros and cons regarding tabling motion until June meeting.

Jimmy Argo:  Report on Dash Board Training at State Convention: Absentee Push’ Call list to see if absentee ballots were received.

Henrette Tow: Fundraisers underwritten by State Account can go into Corporate Account: Laura will double check.

Reminder: Recruiting Committee: Solicit dues from elected officials.

Membership Drive: Goal of 250 members.

9:10 p.m. Motion to Adjourn: Tom Sommerfeldt:  2nd Vicki Bishop