Antrim County’s Chairman of the Board – Terry VanAlstine made the Motion and was joined by Antrim County’s Vice Chair – Dawn LaVanway, to “Appeal” Judge Hunter’s decision in favor of Ian Murphy – Owner of the Iron Pig Smokehouse in Gaylord against the NW MHB in his lawsuit.

Joining VanAlstine and LaVanway in the Yes vote was Emmet County Commissioner – Neil Ahrens.

All three (3) of them are being primary challenged on the August 6th, 2024 Republican Primary election. Carla Bart is running against VanAlstine, Ray Scola is running against LaVanway and Brett Gooding is running against Ahrens.

Click on this link to view the video of Commissioner VanAlstine’s Motion, 2nd, with no discussion and roll call vote;

After the Motion failed, it now appears that Terry VanAlstine and Dawn LaVanway are going to pressure another Board member to change his vote at their next meeting. We MUST reach out to these Board members and support their NO vote and ask them to resist VanAlstine and LaVanway’s pressure to change their vote at their next meeting.