Dear Editor,

The Antrim County Conservative Union (ACCU) is totally AGAINST Gov. Whitmer’s proposed state budget of $60.2 Billion (3.6% INCREASE over Michigan’s current budget) and her proposed $.45 per gallon INCREASE in our fuel taxes ($10 extra on every average fill-up), which would become the highest in America.

After being the ONLY state in the Country to lose population (2010 U.S. Census) we will once again see Michigan losing population after the 2020 census.

The over taxation, wasteful spending and outdated models operating in Lansing,…MUST STOP NOW!

ACCU believes that Lansing must perform a “forensic accounting” of EVERY department and reduce their budgets, to find the dollars necessary to repair our roads and bridges, WITHOUT raising our state’s budget/fuel taxes any further.

Michigan needs to pass reforms to; a) Cut our car insurance rates, by 50%. (Michigan is #1 in having the highest rates in America) b) Lower our electric rates by eliminating the current 90% monopoly. c) Eliminate our State’s Income Tax. d) Return Lansing to a Part-Time Legislature, which we had until 1963.

ACCU meets the 3rd Monday of each month (next meeting 3-18-19), at the Forest Home Township Hall, in Bellaire at 7:30 pm.

Randy Bishop
ACCU – Chairman
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