Dear Editor,

I simply could not stand by and allow a resident of Traverse City (Grand Traverse County) author a “Letter to the Editor” filled with his numerous and obvious agenda driven misrepresentations, innuendoes, false statements, and lies.

We created the Antrim County Conservative Union (ACCU) as a “Social Education Club” with an IRS 501C-4 application pending, to be a non-profit organization. All of our officers and board members are volunteers, without receiving any pay or compensation.

Unlike the Republican and Democrat political parties who do “funnel dark monies” into their bank accounts, any administrative expenditures the ACCU makes will be made fully public at each of our monthly meetings per our Treasurer’s report. Our checking account’s register will be displayed on an overhead projector for everyone to see,…so there will be nothing to hide or anything for the general public to “keep an eye on”.

All of the donations we receive from our members will be used to “vett” future candidates who run for election to public office. We will then produce “Voter Guides” to engage, inform and educate the general public about those said candidates’ positions on future policies and their own agenda items they will advocate for and/or introduce if elected. Ballot proposals will be researched and analyzed and all pertinent information will also be shared with the public.

Our mission is to provide valuable information to the general public so that they can make fully informed decisions when voting in both primary and general elections.

We do not have a “GoFundMe” account, period! For the author to state that we are a “mysterious GoFundMe scheme”, is a complete misrepresentation and lie.

Finally, we are not allowed to endorse or publicly support any candidates and therefore will NOT be running any “late campaign ads we all find so nauseating” with “funneled dark money”, again another falsehood by the author.

I find it interesting that John Hunter from Traverse City has never attended any of our meetings, does not personally know any of our officers, board members or members of our organization, but produces a completely uneducated, agenda driven opinion piece about our organization and then asked this good newspaper to publish it publicly.

Thank you for allowing me to correct the public record. For more information about our organization, our website is online at;

Respectfully submitted,

Victoria Bishop – President
Antrim County Conservative Union
Kewadin, Michigan