MI 1st CD - 2014Despite claims that voter turnout would be above 2010 levels, perhaps turning the Michigan governor’s race into a toss-up, turnout was actually down across Michigan Tuesday and Republican Gov. Rick Snyder won handily.

Former Democratic Rep. Mark Schauer did far better than Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero did in 2010, winning 14 counties to Bernero’s four, but turnout in the state’s Democratic strongholds didn’t materialize. In fact, 10,000 fewer Detroit voters, who gave Schauer 92 percent of the vote, cast ballots Tuesday compared to 2010.

And in Oakland County, the state’s second most populous county, Snyder saw his huge 2010 margin shrink — but he still won by over 56,000 votes.

Statewide, turnout was about 42 percent, down from the nearly 45 percent who voted in 2010. Midterm elections across the country typically generate far less interest; on average, there are 1.4 million more Michigan voters during Presidential elections since 1996.

The dark red counties are those where Snyder captured more than 60 percent of the vote; light red are where Snyder won by a lesser margin.

No dark blue counties did Schauer get 60 percent of the vote; Only 4 light blue counties in the U.P. did Schauer win with less than 60% of the vote;

Gov. Rick Snyder