ACRP Meeting Minutes for October 20, 2014  Forest Home Twp. Hall

7:35 Chairman Randy Bishop: Meeting called to order, prayer, pledge, introduced Treasurer: Betsy Argo,  Secretary: Priscilla Miller, Vice Chair: Laura Bogdan, absent.

Stressed importance of getting out the vote, urged members to reach out to friends, neighbors and family members, played ‘Sweep the Senate’ video. Media trying to depict Terry Lynn Land, as losing. RNC withdrew money from Land’s campaign because she has out raised Peters, funds were diverted to other senate candidates.  Six out of ten candidates in Senate race, are tied.  Crucial for GOP to take the Senate.

State Representative Wayne Schmidt,  of 104th District addressed members: Introduced himself, and commented on upcoming election races.

Barb Bradford: Expressed concern over Schmidt’s voting record,  questioned whether he was a conservative. Maryanne Jorgensen:  Not so worried about the past,  suggests we look to the future, concentrate on preventing illegals from coming into Michigan, fixing our roads.

Steve Grill:  Has been a conservative Republican for 45 years, because of Schmidt’s negative ads, personal attacks, and “Chicago style” campaigning, against his opponent in the primary, will not vote for him. One phone call from Schmidt could have stopped the negative ads. Only way to stop these kind of ads, is to stop voting for candidates that allow them! Wants issue driven campaigns.

Christian Marcus: Lost a lot of respect for Schmidt, when he mentioned the “Koch Bros.”. on the radio, in connection with American’s For Prosperity’ contributing to MacMaster’s campaign, totally unnecessary, did exactly what the Democrats do to our candidates. Liked bill introduced earmarking gas taxes going to roads. Liked his introduction of HB 5167 forcing Road Commissioners to accept competitive bids on projects over $100,000. Discussed Healthy Michigan reforms and repealing Obamacare.

Cherri Hogan: Expressed voter’s disillusionment with government officials. Lawmakers don’t listen to voters. Discussed possible vote in lame duck session on Elliot Larson Amendment (protected class status for Gays and Lesbians) and efforts to include in a ‘religious freedom clause.  Randy Bishop:  Never been a lawsuit alleging discrimination, because of sexual preference. Trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist. If Elliot Larson passes, Christian business owners will be targeted by Gays, resulting in lawsuits.

Don Lukins: Voters want to know what Schmidt stands for. Tom Stillings: Wanted to know what Schmidt was thinking when he introduced bill calling for traffic cameras? Bill Bailey: Road tax money used for projects other that fixing roads, then we are told they are out of money and need to raise more taxes. Expressed concern over private property rights.

Greg MacMaster: “How far does one have to go ethically and morally before it becomes irresponsible for that person to carry an R next to their name? Pointed out the personal attacks used by Schmidt’s campaign against him.  MacMaster ran a clean campaign, based on issues. Asked why he should vote for Schmidt? Schmidt replied that he would continue to move the Republican agenda forward.

 Kim MacMaster:  As Greg’s Campaign Mgr. did not condone, or permit one personal attack against Schmidt or his family.  Asked if he regretted the way his campaign was run? Schmidt replied, he ran the campaign and “it was a good campaign”!

Dr. Hoadley: Do you have any remorse for what other people, or groups did in your name? Schmidt replied,”I didn’t do it, I didn’t let it happen.” Ed Boettcher: Thanked Schmidt for coming to the meeting.

Discussion ensued on Elk Rapids Township Board Recall as a  result of board members   looking at other options for Ambulance service. in effort to be fiscally responsible.Tom Stillings: Simply looking to make a better deal for the public should never be a reason for a recall.

Motion by Graydon De Camp, to have all Precinct Delegates present, vote on whether to support the three Republicans being recalled. 2nd: Maryanne Jorgensen. Randy moved, that all precinct delegates take a vote to allow all ACRP members a vote on the motion. Passed.

Randy: Motion that “we as a party, put out a press release in support of all three elected Republicans involved in the Elk Rapids recall, and call on all Republicans in Elk Rapids Twp. to vote for them on November 4th.”

Motion passed unanimously.

$ 2500. from ACRP State Account, went to Triston Cole’s campaign and $ 300. to Dawn LaVanway’s campaign for 7th District – County Commissioner.

Dawn returned the contribution, for purpose of running a 1/2 page ad in Elk Rapids News in support of the recalled candidates.

We thanked Maryanne Jorgensen for finding the ACRP sign office building in Elk Rapids.

9:10 p.m. Motion to adjourn: Tom Sommerfeldt,  2nd. Jim Gurr