Antrim County Republican Party  Meeting Minutes for 8/17/15 at Forest Home Twp. Hall.


Meeting convened at 7:35 p.m.  Chairman Randy Bishop: Pledge of Allegiance. Invocation: Christian Marcus

Treasurer’s Report: Laura Bogdan: $x,xxx.xx  State Account (paid 1st Dist. dues)   $x,xxx.xx  General Account.

Approval of June meeting  minutes; Motioned by Vicki Bishop: 2nd Brad Brown.

Discussion on repealing Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Law.  Was enacted in 1965 when Unions influenced state government, whereby ANY government project had to accept bids according to union wage scale. Resulting in 30% higher cost to local northern Mich.municipalities. Need to collect 250,000 signatures on petitions to put repealing prevailing wage on the ballot. Will allow our contractors to bid at their normal rates. Petitions passed out to members. Please circulate to family and friends, sign as circulator and mail to address on petition sheet.

Anyone interested in running for office in 2016 ie: clerk, commissioner, prosecuting attorney, sheriff? Contact Randy if interested.  We have nine County Commissioners, eight Republicans, one Dem.  Only Commissioner Christian Marcus, is a paid member of ACRP. How many elected officials in Antrim County run as Republicans, but are not members of ACRP?  We need help in identifying what officials in all 15 townships are Democrats. and who are Republicans.  If an incumbent runs as a Republican, but is not a member and the challenger is a ACRP member, we will support our member. (Discussion on Constitutional Sheriff and County Clerk re: Gay Marriage licenses)

Discussion of the Capitol View Building purchase by the Michigan State Senate in Lansing.

1. Gov. Snyder appoints Ron Boji to 11 member Strategic Fund Board of Directors, in January of 2013. (approves private activity bonds and authorizes Community Development Block Grant applications, acts as the fiduciary agent for the 21st Century Jobs Fund, promotes economic development and job creation. Boji is president of the Boji Group, where he oversees the management, development and leasing of space in the company’s real estate portfolio.,4668,7-277–292353–,00.html

2. In 2014 Senate determined it needed a new building with a view of the capitol. Old building needed $25 million in repairs and was paid for. Capitol View Building cost $41 million, add interest over  30 years = $134 million.  Senate entered into agreement with Ron Boji to purchase building, with bonds from the Michigan Strategic Fund (Boji is also a big  GOP donor.)

3. We watched the video at

4. In April, Sen. Mekoff introduced Senate Resolution 43 exempting the senate from the Freedom of Information Act, preventing the public from accessing any information the senate doesn’t want voters to see, such as reporting on financial affairs. Passed by a voice vote.…/Senate/htm/2015-SAR-0043.htm

5. State Rep. Todd Courser, wrote letter to be mailed, requesting Attorney General Bill Schutte to investigate

Motion by Chairman: That State Rep. Triston Cole, use this language on his letterhead, sign and submit to Attorney General Bill Schuette.  2nd: Priscilla Miller

Discussion: Christian Marcus: leave room for Rep. Cole to add his own language to letter.  Motion to amend resolution, whereby Rep. Cole may add his own language.

Vote taken: Passed unanimously.

Road Tax will be taken up this week. Motion by Chairman Bishop:  Ask for resolution to have our State Rep. Triston Cole vote NO on any tax fee increases to fund  roads, with no expiration date.  2nd Bobbie Lukins.  Discussion followed.

Vote taken : Passed unanimously.

NOTE: Legislature is constitutionally mandated to fund roads, schools and prisons, as their first priority.

Resolutions will be posted on Triston’s personal and legislative Facebook pages and on

August 28th last date for public comment on DEQ Water Strategy,4561,7-135-3313_3677_64891—,00.html

Next ACRP Meeting on Monday, Sept. 21st.

9:20 p.m. Motion to adjourn: Cheri Hogan. 2nd Myron Curtis