Dianda Schuette Sommerfield

Bill Schuette – Michigan’s Attorney General received a letter from Scott Dianda – State Representative (110th District) on March 10, 2016 requesting the AG Schuette investigate the controversial Capitol View Building’s – real estate transaction.  The building is to be the new office location for Michigan’s State Senators.

Here is a link to view the letter;  Dianda letter to Schuette 3-10-16 

After sending the letter to AG Schuette, Rep. Dianda and his staff have contacted AG Schuette’s office numerous times requesting not only a response to his letter, but to request a meeting.  As of this date, the AG Schuette’s office has not responded to Rep. Dianda at all, (going on three (3) months since receiving the letter from Rep. Dianda.)

Schuette supporter and constituent, Brian Sommerfield has been invited by Rep. Dianda to attend the meeting with AG Schuette.

Sommerfield has a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from California State University – San Bernardino with a concentration in public accounting.  Sommerfield has an extensive business background with over 28 years in tax accounting, owning numerous businesses and being politically engaged and supportive of AG Schuette in the past.

Why does Michigan’s Attorney General refuse to meet with a State Representative and a supporter constituent?

Maybe AG Schuette has seen this investigative news report by WXYZ in Detroit and doesn’t want to perform his own investigation?

You can see the investigative news report at this link;  WXYZ News Investigative Report