Are you opposed to the expansion of Medicaid?

Senator Patrick ColbeckAre you opposed to the expansion of government assistance of any kind while the majority of taxpayers are already struggling to make ends meet?

Do you believe that our state policies should seek to benefit ALL 10,000,000 citizens rather than a select few?

Would you like to reduce the budget for the State of Michigan by as much as $7B?

Would you like to provide employers in our state with the opportunity to reduce healthcare expenses by as much as 50% while improving the quality of healthcare?

Do you want to stop incentivizing employers to cut employee hours and encourage them to start hiring?

Do you believe that patient information should be only be accessed by doctors and their patients?

Do you think fondly of the days when the practice of medicine was more about relationships like those in Marcus Welby, MD or Norman Rockwell paintings rather than insurance forms?

If you answered YES to all of the questions above, I urge you to support my Patient-Centered Care Act (SB 459 and 460) by signing this petition at this link: