Brian Calley with FlagsBy – Lt. Gov. Brian Calley; ┬áMy speech today at the inauguration:

Let me start by saying thank you to my wife Julie and my children, Collin, Reagan and Karagan. I love you all dearly. You give purpose and meaning to my life, and I would truly be lost without you.

Four years ago, a new day was dawning on a very weary state. An entire generation had grown up knowing only a Michigan in decline. The state that invented the American middle class was reeling and shrinking.

The people of Michigan took a chance on an accountant and entrepreneur who had never before held a political office. When others saw problems too big for a divisive and broken political system to handle, he saw opportunities to prove to the world that Michigan’s best days were yet ahead.

Today, Michigan is on the rise. On the rise with jobs, income, home values and population. Most importantly, hope is on the rise again.

We can now see a better and stronger future for our children and our grandchildren. We can imagine them making a life and building a family here because opportunity is being restored. We honor our past, but we do not cling to it as before… Instead, we embrace the future for all that it can be.

The Michigan story is and always has been about the potential of its people. Their hopes, their dreams and their aspirations will set our best course forward.

Let us, those entrusted with constitutional offices, seek the wisdom of God Almighty… and the promise of our people, as we move toward a future defined only by the limitless potential of those who call Michigan home.

May God forever bless Michigan.