Three Words To End The IRS…”The Fair Tax”!!!

Support The Fair TaxWhy do attorneys tell defendants, “Never apologize”!!!???  Friday, the IRS apologized for its “inappropriate” targeting of political groups during the 2012 election, to see if they were violating their tax-exempt status.   Not all political groups,…just ones with certain terms in their names – like “Patriot” or “TEA  Party.”   You know, conservative terms.

As the story snowballed, we learned that senior IRS officials knew of it as early as 2011.   And a pro-Israel group was already suing the IRS, after they were allegedly told that their views conflicted with prevailing government policy.

Conservative groups had long complained about IRS persecution, but were dismissed.   Now, the House Ways and Means Committee has demanded the IRS hand over by Wednesday every record containing those conservative terms.

You see, what the IRS calls an apology is more accurately termed a “confession.”   What they call “inappropriate,” legal experts might call “felonious.”   And if you want a simple three-word term that could end IRS abuses of power for good, try this: “The Fair Tax.”

Close the IRS,…Repeal the 16th Amendment and Replace our current Tax System.  We should STOP taxing Income, Profits and Gains,…and make EVERYONE pay into our tax revenue system when they CONSUME items or services.  “Illegal Immigrants, Prostitutes, Pimps and Bookies” and ALL other cash earners would start paying to fund our Federal government!!!

Many very wealthy people who have sold businesses, stocks and real estate in the past have moved those profits/gains to offshore bank accounts in the Grand Cayman Islands to avoid U.S. federal taxes.

Over $18 Trillion Dollars now sits in those accounts and could be brought back into our U.S. economy, if we close the IRS and repeal our current income tax system and replace it with The Fair Tax.

What would these very wealthy people do with those newly “tax-free” funds?  Invest it in our stock market, U.S. real estate and new businesses that would employ Americans in an effort to make more “tax-free” income, profits and gains!!!

We could turn America around IMMEDIATELY,…with three simple words,…”The Fair Tax”!!!