That the Republicans never filed against President Barack Hussein Obama, back in November, 2015!!!

Back in the fall of 2015, J.B. Williams and his North American Law Center (NALC) drafted 14 pages with specific counts of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” that were committed by then President Barack Hussein Obama.

Those said Articles of Impeachment were submitted to numerous Republican U.S. Congressman and were NEVER even investigated!!!

The Republicans told us that even though they believed that these Articles of Impeachment were valid, “they didn’t want to bring them forward, because it would be too politically divisive and would tear America apart”.

After reading them, you will see that what then President Obama did was far worse than what President Trump has done!!!

Now, looking at what the Democrats are doing to impeach our current President,….do you Republicans wish you would have listened to us back in 2015???

Click on this link to print, read and share the Articles of Impeachment of President Obama that were never taken up by the Republicans back in 2015;