Meeting convened at 7:35p.m. in the Forest Home Twp. Hall

Randy Bishop: Pledge:  Brenda Ricksgers: Invocation

Greg Valerio: Treasurer’s Report: Corporate Acct. $2.39  Expenses: $3.00 service fee.($250. transfer from State Acct.) Expenses: AA Computing Solutions $132.50, PC Matic $49.99. $3.00 service fee. Ending Balance: $67.51

State Acct. $921.21 Deposits were: $29.17(30. -.83 cc fee) , $120. Expenses $212. for Laptop.  $250.Transferred to Corp Acct. Ending Balance:   $587.38

Secretary’s Report: Priscilla Miller: Meeting minutes for 3/20/17 (Jim Gurr found a “typo” Randy will correct.) Rob Barge: motion to approve. 2nd: Kim MacMaster. Donna Grill had a problem pulling up meeting minutes on line. (Randy will fix it.)

Chairmans Report:  We have eight family memberships and ten singles.

Rally in T.C. at post office on Union St. tomorrow at noon, in protest of state legislature not passing the reduction of the state income tax.  Organized by MI Conservative Coalition.

State Rep. Triston Cole will meet with constituents on Friday, April 21st 11: am – 12:pm at Northern Bear Country Store in Mancelona: at TJ Charlies in Elk Rapids from 1:00 -2:p.m. (Soros is funding protestors who attend these events, furnishing  gas cards and paying $15. an hour to do it.)

Congressman Jack Bergman will hold a town hall on Thursday, April 20th. from 6:30 – 7:30 p.m. at Ellison Pl. in Gaylord. Important we show up early at these events to show our support. (No signs are allowed inside.) The Democrats (Indivisible Group)  will be trying to disrupt these events. Media will be there, looking for anything that could embarrass the Congressman.

Antrim County 911 Milage renewal vote on May 2nd. Elk Rapids has a school millage vote.

Need to get dates for parades and events that ACRP can participate in. Will check with Mike Bertram regarding Antrim Co. Fair.

Golf Outing is Saturday, July 15th. at the Chief Golf Course. Randy had to commit to sixty B.B.Q.dinners and ten golf foursomes. More info on what politicians will be the attending the event at our next meeting.

Per Cheryl Guy, Stacy Cole will stay a Custer Twp. Precinct Delegate. (A special election would be required to correct the error).

Jim Gurr:  Import to write letters to the editor, in support of Congressman Bergman.

The bill to build a 2nd Soo Locks was passed in 1978 (the POE Lock)  Funds were never appropriated! If the existing Locks were to shut down for any reason, the entire U.S. economy would come to a standstill. It’s a National Security Issue, a jobs issue and a trade issue. Congressman Bergman supports President Trump having construction of the lock on his  one trillion dollar infrastructure list. It will be a “super lock” able to handle thousand foot freighters.

Cheri Hogan had a question on the Jordan River tubes. Discussion followed.

Rob. Barge: Motion to adjourn 2nd Steve Grill. Adjourned at 8:50 p.m.