ACRP Meeting Minutes for 9/19/16

Meeting convened at 7:38 p.m. at Forest Home Twp. Hall

Randy Bishop: Pledge:  Bill Bailey: Invocation

Treasurer’s Report: Laura Bogdan: Absent: Read by Randy: State (Campaign) Acct. $x,xxx.xx  Corporate Acct. $x,xxx.xx

Secretary’s Report: Priscilla Miller: Randy asked to amend information on electronic bill board to read, “10 spaces displaying every 12 seconds” and change payment of signs to “Campaign account (Bergman sign) and Corporate account (Trump sign)”.  Cheri Hogan moved to approve: 2nd. Bill Bailey : Motion carried.

Chairman’s Report: GTGOP can not help with digital billboard: maxed out on their issues account. We invested in Trump signs sold all of those for donations and made our money back. Reinvested $x,xxx.xx in signs and car window decals. Have $x,xxx.xx. cash on hand: Cheri Hogan turned in $264. from Trump sign donations. 1000 more signs coming tomorrow. We’ve lead the effort in getting signs for 1st Congressional District.  We took 500 signs, Delta Twp. 700, Cheboygan 400,  others took counties took the rest. We placed a second 3000 sign order, got price down to $1.33 each. They are going to 14 counties throughout the district. Two $4000. orders, resulted in 6,000 signs being distributed. Co-Chair Kim MacMaster: We can not sell signs: donations only. (cannot take over $20. in cash). To avoid theft/ vandalism, take signs in at night. Trump campaign is spending their money on T.V. adds.  ACRP may end up making more money on Trump sign donations, than we made on the golf outing.  Fifteen decals are coming for backs of SUV or Pick ups @ $7.13 each.  Getting donations downstate for $20. -$30. each. Suggest check with insurance company on your coverage first, in the event the car is “keyed”. Trump campaign gearing up for possible voter fraud including possible tampering with absentee ballots.

Precinct Delegate’s organizational meetings:  Asking for people east, and west of Torch Lake to chair meetings. Cheri Hogan will help notify delegates east of Torch Lake, Kim MacMaster to help notify delegates west of Torch Lake. We will be working on Dawn LaVanway, Triston Cole and Jack Bergman and Trump’s campaign. Passing out literature and yard signs three weeks before election. All out effort to utilize all of our 66 precinct delegates to help with this effort.  Meetings will be held on the Saturdays before the election. Huge number of undecided voters are waiting to decide until after debates.

Thirteen states are now battleground states. Michigan is in play. If Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio flips and Florida, Trump will win. If we have a strong voter turnout in the 1st District, we can off set Wayne County’s vote.

Thursday 29th. at T.C. Victory Center, 508 W. 14th. St.  5:30 – 8:30 p.m. to work at phone bank for Bergman’s campaign.

Important: FLIP BALLOT OVER and vote Mcmillin and Snyder for MI State Board of Education. They are running against incumbent members who voted for Transgender bathroom issue.

Trump Flash Mob: Open Space (Grand View Parkway and Union St.) in T.C. from 4-6 pm. on Sept. 29th.   Oct 17th. is the next ACRP Meeting.

8:48 pm. Motion to adjourn: Barbara Bradford: 2nd.Kim MacMaster.