Antrim County Republican Party Meeting Minutes for Monday, March 21, 2017

Meeting convened at 7:30p.m. in the Forest Home Twp. Hall

Randy Bishop: Pledge:  Christian Marcus: Invocation

Laura Bogdan has resigned as treasurer: Randy gave Treasurer’s Report: Randy gave report: Corporate Acct: $x,xxx.xx ($100. was paid for bus to state convention) $x,xxx.xx in State Acct.

Secretary’s Report: Priscilla Miller: February 20th. Meeting minutes were read by Randy. (per minutes: Randy forgot to call Cheryl Guy regarding discrepancy in delegate Stacy Cole’s residence, will contact Cheryl regarding this matter.) Motion to approve:Greg Valerio, 2nd Ven Watkins. Approved.

Priscilla reported on Antrim County March 4 Trump. Photos and articles were sent to both Antrim County papers. Antrim Review published coverage of event, Elk Rapids News, which recently featured the ‘Woman’s March’ on front page, did not.

Chairman’s Report; Randy read the first proposed amendment approved at a meeting of the By Laws Committee, under Article 1-Section 3. Membership –  to add the following: “Any elected official who was duly elected as a “Republican” during the most recently held primary or general election in Antrim County, shall be required to be a dues paying Member of the Antrim County Republican Party for the entire term of their said elected office.”

Additional language was added; “Any candidate who is running as a Republican in a primary election or general election in Antrim County should/must be a member of the Antrim County Republican Party.  If they chose not to, the ACRP will not endorse or certify them as a member in good standing of the ACRP.  They will not receive support monetarily or with manpower for their candidacy from ACRP.  They must be a paid member in good standing for at least one year prior to the primary election.”

Discussion followed. (this will discourage Democrats from running as Republicans and allow the county clerk to give candidates registering to run for office as Republicans a copy of the ACRP By Laws) Christian Marcus made a motion to accept. Brian Smith 2nd. Motion passed unanimously.

Randy: Motion to remove the words: “of the opposite sex of the Chairperson” under  Article IV – Section 1: Officers. Motion to approve: Greg Valerio made a motion to approve. Bob Ricksgers 2nd. Motion passed unanimously.

Randy read committee proposal to amend Article IX: Section 3 –  Discussion followed and final wording for the proposed Amendment- will read: “These By Laws may only be amended by a vote of the membership after the January election of new board officers and executive committee members, via a By Law Committee determination, at a regular monthly meeting and then a vote at a future monthly meeting.” Vote taken and passed unanimously.

Committee proposal to amend:  Article VII – Section 2 to read:

It shall be the policy of the Local Party not to endorse or support individual candidates in contested Republican Party primary elections, (addition) UNLESS determined by a vote of 2/3 of the membership of the ACRP in attendance at a regularly monthly meeting prior to said primary election. Discussion followed. Bob Ricksgers made a motion to adopt amendment: Cheri Hogan 2nd.  Vote taken and passed unanimously.

Randy reviewed current by law that was voted and passed by the committee to have future treasurer’s adhere to section V. Duties Of Officers section 4. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall render a statement of the revenues, disbursements, outstanding obligations, and the cash balance of the Local Party at all regular meetings.

Randy: Golf outing is Saturday July 15th. Speaker of the House Tom Leonard will be keynote speaker. Need 15 township captains to recruit new members. We will need boots on the ground in our next election.

Discussion on countering Democratic tactics. Cheri Hogan: Compiling email list for this purpose.

JB Williams from North American Law Center has a 28 page white paper on ‘The Purple Revolution’ about George Soros funding all anti Trump groups and demonstrations right down to state and local levels. (Needs to be investigated by DOJ and Homeland Security under the Patriot Act.)

Motion by Cheri Hogan to make Gregg Valerio Treasurer of ACRP: supported by Ven Watkins. Voted and passed unanimously. (Vicky Bishop: Get Greg a lap top to use Quick Books on.) Priscilla has a lap top for sale.

Motion to adjourn: Bob Ricksgers 2nd: Bill Miller  Meeting adjourned at 9:04 p.m.