Antrim County Republican Party County Convention
November, 17th. 2014  Forest Home Twp. Hall, Bellaire, MI
ACRP Chairman Randy Bishop, called convention to order at  7:33 p.m. Pledge: Randy Bishop, Prayer: Tom Sommerfeldt.
A proposed slate of volunteers willing to serve on the Executive Board was sent out to all members in an e-mail on November 7th. The slate consisted of Randy Bishop, as Chairman, Tom Stillings, as Vice Chair, Laura Bogdan, as Treasurer and Priscillla Miller, as Secretary. A request was made, for anyone interested in serving for any of the above mentioned positions to respond to the e-mail. Secretary Priscilla Miller, confirmed there were no replies received.
Motion: Cherie Hogan: to vote on proposed slate, 2nd. Greg Valerio.
Graydon DeCamp: Question regarding ACRP Bylaws regarding Article IV: Officers I. Designation: “a Vice Chair shall be of the opposite sex of the Chairperson.” Randy Bishop: State Party has amended this rule. ACRP Bylaws need to be  revised to also reflect this.
Ed Boettcher: Expressed concerns with behavior of ACRP Officers, need to become more inclusive, need to unite. Tom Stillings: Remembers when there were more candidates at ACRP meetings than members! With number of members present, we must be doing something right! Growth trend in last four years “astounding.” Antrim County did a “bang up” job, had largest percentage of Republican votes in Northern MI. Don Lukins: Suggested we get on with the agenda and then address some of these issues and move forward, give us something to work at instead of throwing rocks, focus on beating our opponents. Laura Bogdan: Has seen the party grow and witnesses differences within members of the party, being resolved. Mike Bertram: Learn to agree to disagree, we are a team. Jim Gurr: Need to stop quibbling, really pleased with how much party has grown, need to move forward.
Vote on Executive Board Slate: Passed unanimously.
7: 52 Convention ajourned
Respectfully Submitted,
Priscilla Miller
ACRP Secretary