Meeting at Forest Home Township Hall opened at 7:30 pm  by Chairman Randy Bishop

Pledge of Allegiance then Invocation by Jim Gurr.

Absent; Kim McMaster.

Treasurer Report: Gregg Valerio, all approved

Secretary Report: Randy Bishop, all approved

Chairman Report; Randy Bishop

– Legislative reports will now be on Triston’s website.

-Both school millages (Elk Rapids and East Jordan) on the ballot in Antrim County passed.

-Randy to get information for county fair and parade dates and talk to Triston about using Triston’s wagon in the parades. Triston to supply pocket constitutions.

-Congressman Jack Bergman is working on prioritizing the Poe Locks (Sault Ste. Marie) and has moved it up to #25 on President Trump’s infrastructure spending list.

-ACRP Annual Golf Outing is Saturday, July 15th at The Chief Golf Resort in Bellaire (across from Shanty Creek). Randy has committed to 60 people for dinner and 10 sets of four golfers. Randy has secured Speaker of the House Tom Leonard as the Keynote Speaker.

New Business:

-Bill & Priscilla Miller have sold their home in Alden and will be moving downstate. Priscilla resigned as secretary and both she and Bill will be greatly missed. Randy announced that Cherie Hogan would run for secretary and asked for other nominations from the floor.
Priscilla Miller nominated Cherie Hogan and Bill Miller seconded. All approved.

-Randy We need volunteers to get out and secure gifts for the outing. Randy is expecting Brian Calley and Dr. Hines, who is running for governor, to speak at the outing. We need everyone to work on this to make it a success.

– Antrim County Republican Women have dissolved and are donating the balance of their funds to the ACRP Corporate Account.  Thank You Kim MacMaster & Vicki Bishop!!!

– Randy mentioned the membership drive. Antrim County Clerk – Sheryl Guy getting Randy the list of Antrim County elected officials.

– State Senator – Patrick Colbeck will run for Governor.  Former Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice – Bob Young possibly running against Stabenow.

– Jim Gurr mentioned that the Democrats are mad and will be running lots of people against our candidates in 2018 but at least will keep them from crossing over and voting for our weaker candidates in the primaries.

-Randy showed short video called ‘Modern Educayshun’ which every conservative should view. Now is not the time to be complacent. We are fighting for our country!

-Randy says, nationally, that the Democrats may try to stall President Trump’s replacement for FBI Director at least six months and obstruct until 2018 elections.

-Long discussion on the Jack Bergman Town Hall, staying positive, attending town halls and writing letters to the newspaper whenever possible expressing our support of our elected officials.

-Next ACRP meeting date is Monday, June 19th at 7:30 at Forest Home Township Hall.
Motion made by Sherry Comben, second by Carla Bart to adjourn at 8:30pm.

Respectfully submitted by;

Cherie Hogan, Secretary