Antrim County Republican Party – Monthly Meeting April 18th, 2016;

Meeting was called to order at 7:31 pm by Randy Bishop – Chairman

Pledge of Allegiance and Prayer by County Commissioner – Christian Marcus

Treasurer Report – State Campaign Account $x,xxx.xx and Corporate Account $x,xxx.xx (not disclosed on-line).

Secretary Report – None due to March meeting was the County Convention

Gerald Averill spoke about attending the MRP State Convention in Lansing.

Cherie Hogan was a ballot counter at the 1st Congressional District Caucus and spoke about how fair and above board the process was in electing the Delegates and Alternates to represent us at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Kasich – Delegate elected was Judi Schwalbach, Alternate elected was Randy Bishop

Cruz – Delegate elected was Ray Franz, Alternate elected was Sandy Call.

Trump – Delegate elected was Ed McBroom, Alternate elected was John Haggard.

Discussed “At Large Delegates” elected by MRP.

Rob Steele was elected the new RNC National Committeeman, and Kathleen Berden was re-elected RNC National Committeewoman.

Discussed upcoming state primaries for the Presidential race.

Numerous party members are running for elected office and discussed filing paperwork for to be an elected Precinct Delegate by May 3rd, 2016 at 4:00 pm.

4th Annual “Golf/Fun Day” got moved forward to Saturday, July 9th, 2016 due to conflict with the RNC Convention.

Team Leaders are needed from each Township/Village/City for the outing.  Prices same this year; $75 for Golfers (includes BBQ) and $25 BBQ only, at The Chief Golf Course in Bellaire across from Shanty Creek.

County Clerk – Sheryl Guy read the openings for Township Trustees and announced many new County Commissioners candidates.

A motion was made by Steve Grill, supported by Mike Bertram; “To make public a list of filed candidates as to who are paid members to the ACRP and those who are not”;

Discussion was held;
Sherry Comben – Suggested of giving notice to those candidates who are not members yet.
Jim Gurr -said this was a bad idea.
Brenda Ricksgers – Suggested having the list of candidates with an invite to those who are not members.
Kim MacMaster – We will mail all those who have filed, if the motion passes and add it to the by-laws in January.
Randy Bishop – Asked County Clerk – Sheryl Guy to provide a link to all those candidates who filed to run for office.

Discussion was closed, motion failed.  Chairman said we will mail out invitations to join the ACRP to all of the candidates anyway.

Motion to adjourn by Bob Ricksgers, supported Mike Bertram at 9:02 pm which passed unanimously.