ACRP Meeting Minutes for 8/1/16

Meeting convened at 7:38 p.m. in the Antrim County Office building.

Randy Bishop: Pledge       Invocation: Jim Gurr

Treasurer Laura Bogdan absent.  Randy read Treasurer’s Report: Campaign Acct. $x,xxx.xx  Corporate Acct. $x,xxx.xx  Laura will have a financial breakdown on the golf outing at next month’s meeting.  Twenty nine golfers plus thirty three dinners participated in the ACRP Golf Outing / Fun Day event.

Mark your calendar for next year’s outing on July 15, 2017 at the Chief Golf Course.

Secretary’s Report: Priscilla Miller (unable to read the screen) –  Jim Gurr read the June 20th. meeting minutes.  Motion to approve: Mike Bertram, 2nd: Vicki Bishop.

Chairman’s Report: On attending the National Convention and the bus ride there. Gov. Chris Christie was the keynote speaker at the delegate’s Monday, July 18th breakfast. Cheri Hogan and Laura Bogdan attended the convention and found it “very interesting”.  They met several Fox News celebrities  along with Speaker Paul Ryan. Randy encourages members to seriously consider running as precinct delegates to be eligible to attend future conventions.

With State Representative Triston Cole in attendance, Chairman Bishop opened the floor to  discussion on matters pertaining to Tuesday’s primary election. Tom Stillings: encouraged a vote for Jack Bergman, in the 1st Congressional District race.  Jarris Rubingh:  “Bergman wasn’t in the race to make a career out of it”.

Marv Rubingh expressed lack of information on millage proposals. Discussion ensued regarding some of the upcoming county millages.

County Commissioner Christian Marcus: Spoke in favor of the “Stepping Up” program. (addresses mental health issues of people currently incarcerated for non violent crimes)

Next ACRP meeting will be on Monday August 22nd. 7:30 p.m. at Forest Home Twp. Hall.

Remember to get out and vote tomorrow!

Motion to adjourn: Tom Stillings  2nd Mike Bertram