ACRP Meeting Minutes for July 21, Forest Home Twp. Hall

7:38 p.m. Meeting called to order by Chairman Randy Bishop: Prayer by Jim Gurr, Pledge. Introduction of officers:

Treasurer’s Report: Laura Bogdan –  $xx,xxx.xx – Corporate Acct., $xx,xxx.xx –  State Acct.   We netted $1,656.00 profit from Golf Outing. Some expenditures remain, final accounting will follow.

Secretary’s Report: Priscilla Miller – Report on ACRP Fun Day.  article and photos sent to both papers. Special thanks to Brad and Joan Brown, for all of their efforts in making the event a success. Next year’s Fun Day will be on the 3rd Saturday of July – July 18th, 2015.

Maryanne Jorgensen has signs for all candidates at her EXIT Real Estate Office in Elk Rapids.

Motion to approve June 16th Minutes by Jim Gurr, 2nd. Tom Sommerfeldt.  Motion passed

Chairman’s Report: Randy Bishop: – With two conventions in August, no regular ACRP meeting will be held on the 18th.  On Thursday, Aug. 14th. a brief meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. prior to County Convention which will begin at 7: 00 p.m.

Nominating Committee Meeting was held on Sunday, July 13th:  All committee members present.  With 65 delegate positions already on the ballot,  plus possible  21 write ins, in the interest of time and expediting the county convention, it was decided per State Committee Rules, to introduce a slate of delegates to attend the Republican State Convention (in Novi, on Saturday, Aug. 23rd. starting at 10:00 a.m) will be submitted to the Precinct Delegates at our County Convention,  Thursday,  August 14th at 7:00 pm. for their approval.  Candidates running for Lt. Gov. Attorney General, Secretary of State and Regents for U of M, MSU, Wayne State, and Michigan State Supreme Court, will be voted on to determine who will appear on the November ballot.

Special consideration for inclusion in the slate, was given to ACRP members ‘actively’ involved in the party.  Paid membership, attendance at meetings, volunteering for events, and knowledge of the candidates to be voted on at the State Convention, was taken into account;

Proposed Voting delegates:  1. Randy Bishop, 2. Jim Nothoff, 3. Christian Marcus, 4. Tom Stillings, 5. Laura Bogdan, 6. Jim Gurr, 7. Jimmy Argo

Proposed Alternate delegates: 1. Mary Ann Jorgensen, 2. Kim MacMaster, 3. Betsy Argo, 4. Priscilla Miller, 5. Mike Bertram, 6. Jeffrey Ottgen, 7.

Comments: Tom Sommerfeldt:  Will slate be voted on person by person?  Randy: Rules say a vote on the slate can be taken and it will be done.

Ed Boetcher opposed slate:  Opportunity to motivate a lot of people and get involved in the democratic process.

Tom Sommerfeldt: As an alternative, can a slate be recommended, then a vote on individual members?

Randy: Rules state; Slate selected by the “Nominating Committee” will be voted on first. If the vote fails, then we will go to remove and replace of each individual until the slate passes. If that doesn’t work, it would go to open nominations.

Jim Gurr: Suggested delegates be able to introduce themselves and explain why they prefer to be on the slate.

Richard Hoadley: Concern for new delegates understanding the process of nominating committee selecting the slate.

Randy: Will educate newcomers on the criteria used for selection of slate. Discussion ensued regarding pros and cons of a slate.

Mike Bertram: Motioned: To accept the final recommended slate. Everyone on the slate will introduce themselves to all delegates present at convention, give a one minute bio., tell why they want to go to the State Convention. 2nd. Jim Gurr. Mike Bertram: Amended his Motion to include: Prior to the final slate being voted on, there will be an opportunity for discussion, which may allow for potential replacement by anyone else wanting to be considered, then vote will be taken. 2nd by Gurr. Motion Passed

Discussion on August 5th. Primary Election.

Saturday August 9th. 12 to 2 P.M. Delegate Training Session  with Soda and ice Cream. Will have county maps for each delegate. Need people to write Letters to the Editors. This will be a very important election. Michigan will be targeted in November election to take out Snyder, reverse Right to Work, defeat Terry Lynn Land and flip the House.

Announcements on upcoming candidate forums.

Triston Cole: Urged Great Lakes Energy users to cast ballots for directors.

R.K. Barton: Question on Prop 1. Discussion followed.

9:15 p.m. Tom Sommerfeldt: motion to Adjourn; 2nd. Jim Argo

Due to Antrim County Clerk amending the August 5th, 2014 election results for the Antrim Republican Party Precincts Delegates and notifying the County Chairman as of August 13, 2014 at 2:00 pm,…the Nominating Committee held their final meeting at 7:00 pm, August 13, 2014 and unanimously voted to submit the following slate of Precinct Delegates to be “Voting Delegates” and  “Alternate Delegates” to be elected at our County Convention, 7:00 pm, Thursday, August 14, 2014  (Nominating Committee’s report is hereby submitted prior to County Convention);

“Voting Delegates”;  Randy Bishop, Jarris Rubingh, Christian Marcus, Tom Stillings, Jeffrey Ottgen, Jim Gurr, Jimmy Argo

“Alternate Delegates”;  Maryanne Jorgenson, Kim MacMaster, Betsy Argo, Priscilla Miller, Rebekah Rubingh, April Parkey, Gerald Averill  


The late posting of this information was due to only some of the elected Precinct Delegates receiving their legal notices from the Antrim County Clerk as late as 4:00 pm, Thursday, August 14th, 2014.