Antrim County Republican Party Meeting Minutes for Monday, February 20, 2017

Meeting convened at 7:30p.m. in the Forest Home Twp. Hall

Randy Bishop: Pledge:  Jim Gurr: Invocation

Treasurer’s Report: Laura Bogdan was absent. Randy gave report: Corporate Acct: $33.69 ($100. was donated toward the bus to state convention) $641.09 in State Acct.

Secretary’s Report: Priscilla Miller: Read January 26th minutes. Motion to approve: Greg Valerio  2nd. Sherry Comben: Motion approved.

Gerald Averill raised question as to why Stacy Cole was a Custer Twp. delegate, to state convention when she resides in Chestonia Township?  Triston Cole stated that they live near the Custer township border.  Apparently an error at the County Clerk’s Office. Randy will check with  Cheryl Guy.

Co-Vice Chair Kim Mc Master, gave a recap of the Mich. State Convention. 196 delegates crammed in a small room for four hours/ longest running caucus in the state.  Jesse Osmer won chairmanship of 1st. Dist. Committee with a 56-60 vote spread.  Kim and Jim Gurr also won election to the committee. Ron Weizer is the new chairman of the Michigan Republican Party.

Co-Vice Chair Jim Gurr, Democrats are vengeful and spoiling for a fight. We had better start working on the same page in order to be formable.

Randy: President Trump has just 60 days to undo Obama’s executive orders.

Discussion:  On dealing with Democrat’s concerted efforts to disrupt legislator’s town halls. Both Congressman Bergman and State Rep. Triston Cole have had a large group of loud, disruptive agitators interrupting their events.  Our members need to become active and attend these events. State Rep Cole cautioned, these militants are looking for a confrontation.  He advised remaining calm and not confronting them.

Discussion on ERN article and importance of ACRP becoming visible at parades and other county events.

Per a motion made by Co-Vice Chair Jim Gurr at the January County Convention: “to enter into the record that Antrim County Republican Party intends to amend its by-laws to become compliant with MRP by-laws by Monday April 17, 2017 in the following manner: Within 60 (sixty) days, subject to receiving updated the MRP and District by-laws, Antrim County GOP will, by subcommittee, revise the Antrim County Republican Party’s by-laws and will present the proposed by-laws to the membership for 30-day consideration for approval by the Monday, April 17 meeting.”  Volunteers to serve on the By-Laws Subcommittee are; Greg Valerio, Gerald Averill, Steve Grill, Brenda Ricksgers plus the five (5) officers of the Executive Board.
The meeting of this subcommittee will be held via; a conference call and they will have the new proposed by-laws ready for discussion at next meeting on March, 20th.

Randy: We need to have the discussion on officials running as Republicans are dues paying members and individual members of executive committee endorsing candidates.

Brenda Ricksgers: Special election on May 2nd. for renewal 911 millage.

Motion to adjourn: Triston Cole, 2nd.Kim MacMaster. Meeting adjourned at 9:08 p.m.