ACRP Meeting Minutes for 8/22/16

Meeting convened at 7:30 p.m. at Forest Home Twp. Hall

Randy Bishop: Pledge and invocation:

Welcomed new members.  Reviewed web site information.

Treasurer’s Report: Laura Bogdan: State (Campaign) Acct. $x,xxx.xx Corporate Acct. $x,xxx.xx

Secretary’s Report: Priscilla Miller unable to read screen. Co-Chair Gurr read minutes. Mike Bertram moved to approve: 2nd. Greg Valerio : Motion carried.

Chairman’s Report: Next year’s ACRP golf outing will be held on July 15, 2017 at the Chief Golf. Course. Gave full Accounting Report of ACRP Golf Outing, held on July 9, 2016. Twenty nine golfers paid $75. for golf = $2,175. gross,  plus thirty three dinners @ $25 = $825  for a total of $3,000.  Chief Resort charge of $1640.  Rick Young of Village Market made a generous contribution to the outing.  Total Gross was $3,138.33  Total expenses were $422.66 leaving a Net Profit of $2721.77. Members agreed to keep report private. Report will go into a PDF file.

Randy Bishop gave an account of expenses paid by ACRP per motion by Maryanne Jorgensen and passed to pay up to $800. toward his trip to the Republican National Convention in amounts of $697.21 for hotel plus $100. for bus ride to Cleveland.  When one check  for $150. from a hole sponsor arrives, there will be a balance of  $1921.77  in Corporate Account.

Trump and Bergman campaigns are the two most important campaigns:  On a local level; Dawn LaVanway is only candidate running in County Commissioner race, that has a Democratic opponent. All others are running un opposed. Mike Bertram: We need to support Dawn. Jim Gurr: concurred, It’s going to be a tough race. Cherie Hogan: There’s a concerted effort to keep her out. Mike Bertram: Ask Dawn what she needs financially. Campaign account funds can be used to help Dawn. Sign’s allowed to go up 60 days prior to election. Get volunteers to help put her signs out.

Randy received an email from owner of 10 ft. x 30 ft. electronic billboard (digital, with eight spaces, displaying every fifteen seconds) on 31 going into Traverse City. Regular price is $1200. per month, per side. Randy negotiated a special price of $1800. for 30 days prior to the election, for both north and south sides of billboard. He has first right of refusal until after tonight’s meeting. The billboard would impact 72,000 cars per day; that equals two point one million contacts during that 30 day period.  Per state party bylaws:  Since ACRP Board has not endorsed Trump or Bergman, this can be considered an “issues” campaign.  Jim Gurr: inquired about judges running for MI Supreme Court. Randy: State party is spending a large amount of money to finance those campaigns.

Motion by Dr. Hoadley to spend $1800. from Corporate account to pay for  both sides of the electronic bill board; starting 30 days prior to the election. 2nd. by Myron Curtis. Chair opened up for discussion:  Steve Grill: Not opposed to it, just want people to think.  In the end, it all comes down to the Electro College. Randy: Don’t believe the Liberal media polls. Cherie Hogan: Union guys are constantly approaching her and asking about Trump.  Jim Gurr: pledged $100. toward the bill board. Mike Bertram suggested asking Grand Traverse GOP to split cost of  billboard. Randy: Once billboard is secured, will contact John Roth, of GTGOP on sharing expense. Discussion closed: vote on electronic billboard motion: passed unanimously.

First debate between Clinton and Trump will take place on September 26th. Discussion on possible voter fraud. Randy: if possible don’t use Absentee Ballots.  Poll watchers will be out on election day.  The big Electro Collage votes will be Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Randy: will hold a Precinct Delegate organizational meeting by regions to put out signs, door knocking. Walking lists of registered Republican voters are available.

Discussion on Michigan Board of Education candidates.  Gerald Averill: Suggests ACRP involvement in community events.

Jim Gurr: Petitions for the state party, will be circulated at convention to change the way Michigan allocates it’s electoral college “electors”.

Randy: Discussion on buying Trump yard signs. (Buying 2,000 signs reduces cost $1.77 a piece) Randy: Motion to buy 500 signs, providing three (Oakland, Berrian, Saginaw) county parties go in on the order, and order 500 signs each, that ACRP pay $875. from Campaign Account, and will offer them for a donation. 2nd. Greg Vallerio: Passed unanimously. (Steve Grill and Jim Gurr: offered $50. toward purchase)

Gerald Averill: Tom McMillen is endorsed by Liberty Caucus for MI Board of Education.

Randy: As of January 1st. All Republican elected officials will be sent letters to join the ACRP.

Motion to adjourn: Mike Bertram 2nd. Mary Barton