7:34 p.m.  Meeting called to order by Chairman – Randy Bishop, Prayer by Marv Rubingh, Pledge of Allegiance

Introduction of officers: Welcome 1st time visitors.

Secretary’s Report – Priscilla Miller: NDAA calls for indefinite detention of American Citizens, without trial, if ‘suspected’ of being a terrorist by Obama.  Benishek voted for the bill. On May 1st Supreme Court refused to hear case. Only recourse is state nullification.

Randy Bishop: Suggests contacting Sheriff Bean, to see if he would comply with NDAA.

Motion to approve April 21st. ACRP Meeting Minutes by Jim Gurr,  2nd Jim Argo. Approved without objection.

Treasurer’s Report – Vice Chair: Laura Bogdan: Corporate Account: $x,xxx.xx  State Account: $xx,xxx.xx

Randy Bishop: Motion for Betsy Argo to be elected Treasurer. 2nd by Brad Brown.  Motion passed unanimously.

Chairman Randy Bishop’s Report: Sharon Wise, State Committee Co-Chair said, “the best Pizza & Politics ever!” Possibility of holding State Committee Meetings in Antrim County, on a rotating basis.  Will be considered at their next meeting.   Shanty Creek made $xx,xxx.xx in rooms, $x,xxx.xx at their bar.

Review of 67 Precinct Delegates who filed to be on the August 5th primary ballot. Need 21 more to file as write in candidates, with township clerks, get three people to vote for them.  Having all  88 delegate openings filled, would attract attention statewide. Delegates will play important role in ‘crucial election of Terri Lynn Land. Delegate list will be posted on ACRP web site.

2nd Annual ACRP Fun Day Saturday, July, 19th. ‘A-Ga – Ming Golf Resort’  BBQ Dinner $25. with golf $75. Chairman Brad Brown. Lt. Gov. Calley, Sec. of State Ruth Johnson, Congressman Dan Benishek and his primary challenger Alan Arcand, will attend. Candidates from the 105th House District race have been invited.

Marv Rubingh: Lee Chatfield, running in 107th. will be at his dairy farm in Ellsworth, on Friday, May 23 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Maryanne:  Triston is having a fundraiser at Shooks Family Farm, on Sunday, May 25 from 1- 3:00 p.m.

Fundraiser June 7th. at Friske’s Farm Market, for Triston Cole and Greg MacMaster. 1:p.m.

Tom Stillings: Has tickets for Bill Schuette’s BBQ, at Howard Walker’s house June 17th. 5:30 -7:30  only $50. for entire family and friends.

Jim Nothoff and Carol Perrin: To prevent any conflict of interest, invite all candidates to share events on acrpmi.org web site.  Randy, will send e-mail blast to membership, inviting candidates to share their events with ACRP and  c.c. e-mail to include all candidates. Contact Randy at acrpchairmanrb@gmail.com

Antrim County Commission Chairman: Mike Crawford from Dist. 6: Addressed issues facing the county: Serious challenges in coming years. Budget is most serious problem. Will regain our Revenue Sharing in 2017, “ Has governor’s word on that. It’s huge for this county.” Also VP of MAC ‘Workman’s Comp Loss Fund, self insured, saves county lots of money. Biggest challenge is Economic Development. Also spoke about Glacial Hills, and the Dura plume. He feels DEQ is responsible for clean up. Not even in the top ten of the DEQ risk list. “State let Dura walk away, left one and a half million dollars, to do something, but the state is out of money.”

Randy Bishop: The DEQ has the money, to force Att. General Bill Schutte, to appeal judges decision favoring pig farmer, Mark Baker’s case. DEQ answers to Gov. Thinks it’s time for a talk with Snyder.

Discussion on holding County Commission meetings in the evenings, so more people could attend.

County Commissioner Ed Boettcher: Dist #4.  Spoke about Glacial Hills bike trail, Fiber optic network, consolidate eight 911 call centers in 11 counties, will cost half as much, Michigan Economic Development Corp. Pure Michigan, and reaching out to industry. Individual in audience observed; people are leaving the state, no industry, only service jobs available.

Laura Bogdan; Who solicits jobs to MI? Answer: MEDC and Pure Michigan. Wants to see rail system return.

County Commissioner Christian Marcus; spoke about utilizing technology: Looking forward to going fully electronic. Urged people to get involved, go to meetings, run for office. Transportation in county evolving, elderly depend on it.

Introduction of candidates running for Antrim County Commission: Dawn LaVanway, Marv Rhubingh, Brenda Ricksgers


9:15 Motion to adjourn; Brad Brown: 2nd Jim Gurr