Crash Course/Training Workshop Event – Saturday, April 13th, 2024 in Traverse City, MI

Sponsors so far;

Grand Traverse County Republican Party

Antrim County Conservative Union

97.7 FM – WCHY, Cheboygan

Friske’s Farm Market – Great Apples!!!

State Representative – John Roth (104th House)


DEADLINE TO REGISTER; Friday, March 29th, 2024 at 5:00 p.m. (Materials need to be ordered and are included in the $59 cost).

Come and get trained on Robert’s Rules of Order, which is the 19th Century para-parliamentary protocols that every elected board/commission and Fortune 500 corporations use to conduct their meetings.

This crash course/training workshop will educate you on these “Rules” that must be followed in order to run productive meetings and to arm you with the information to hold organizations and boards accountable.

To register, simply go to the top right side of our website;

SIMPLE AS 1-2-3(-4)
1. Subscribe to our email blasts.
2. Click on the Yellow Donate Button
3. Donate $59.00 for each attendee

(4. If you attended a previous class and have
the books & guide, just Donate $10.00
to attend this class.)

NOTE; Price includes the Robert’s Rules QuickStart Guide Book,
and a six (6) page laminated QuickStudy reference guide.

Link to Robert’s Rules QuickStart Guide Book

Link to Robert’s Rules of Order QuickStudy Guide

A copy of Michigan’s State Constitution (compliments of State Representative – John Roth – 104th House District) will be provided and will be used as part of the training.


Cherryland Center
(NW Corner of S. Garfield Ave & S. Airport Rd.)
1148 W. South Airport, Traverse City, MI
(Door will open at 9:30 am to check in.)


Bottled water and Friske’s Apples will be provided. Feel free to bring your own lunch and/or snacks, to eat during the class.

Additionally, be sure to bring a pen (and reading glasses if needed).

Trump Won Michigan in 2020 General Election: Wayne County Never Lawfully Certified Election

For all the details, click on this link;

ACCU’s 4th Annual – “Fun Shoot, Pig Roast and Gun Swap”; Saturday August 26th, 2023, 1:00-4:00 pm, Central Lake, MI.

Come party with the Antrim County Conservative Union at their 4th Annual “Fun Shoot, Pig Roast and Gun Swap” with our special Guest Speakers and Event Sponsors;

Former State Representative/RNC Committeeman – Dave Agema
“Why we must protect our 2nd Amendment Rights!”

Legislative Director – Michigan Open Carry – Tom Lambert
“Gun Laws in Michigan!”

Executive Director – Great Lakes Gun Rights – Brenden Boudreau
“Constitutional Carry in Michigan”

Former State Senator/Gubernatorial Candidate – Patrick Colbeck
“Election Integrity – History in Michigan and Updates”

Vice President – Stand Up Michigan – Tammy Clark
“Local Communities – What we must DO,…NOW”!!!

OTHER GUEST SPEAKERS – To be confirmed and announced

One of our Event Sponsors – Rob Cortis will be there with his
“TRUMP UNITY BRIDGE”,…come get your TRUMP 2024 gear!!!

Another Event Sponsor – Ron Chalmers, Owner of Custom Wooden Flags, will be present to discuss his business and help us LIVE Auction off a very special, custom made
2nd Amendment flag!!!
Check out his website at; Custom Wooden Flags

OTHER EVENT SPONSORS – To be confirmed and announced

Pork provided by Village Market – Rick Young in Elk Rapids, MI

Antrim County Republican Party

Charlevoix County Republican Party

Cheboygan County Republican Party

Friske’s Farm Market in Ellsworth, MI

Haggard’s Plumbing & Heating in Petoskey, MI


This will be an outdoor event at the private property of Richard Davis, located at; 5600 Wicks Way (off Muckle Rd.) Central Lake, MI. The gate will open at 12 Noon!!!

The property has multiple gun ranges (handguns, shotguns & long rifles). Please bring your own firearms and ammunition.

One of our Event Sponsors, Tom Curtiss of Curtiss Gunsmithing will be on hand to appraise your firearm and discuss with you the options you have in swapping or selling your current firearm(s).

Another Event Sponsor, Brett Gooding owner of Great North Firearms Training will be providing the NRA certified Range Officers and Instructors.

We will have many various models of firearms for you to safely test shoot and be trained in their use. (NOTE: Bring some extra cash to purchase the ammunition for your test shots).

We will be providing a “Pig Roast” meal, complete with; Baked Beans, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Rolls, Beverages and Trucker Randy Bishop’s “World Famous – Carrot Cake” and other desserts too!!!

We will have some AWESOME LIVE Auction & Silent Auction items and Door prizes will be awarded after our Guest Speakers deliver their messages;

Adults – $30.00
Teenagers (13 – 19) are $15.00
Kids under 13 – FREE

Non-Refundable Tickets are limited (we will be SOLD OUT) and can be purchased on this page ONLY, just Click on the

to make a donation for your tickets.

(Just print it out, or take a picture of it on your cell phone)

Please bring a folding lawn chair, come early,…and pray for
GREAT weather!!!

If you have any questions, please email us at;
Or, call us at; 231-360-5125

May’s Monthly Meeting, Monday 5-8-23

Click here for the agenda;

TONIGHT!!! 1st Meeting of 2023

Click here for the Agenda and Location

SAVE THE DATE – Saturday, August 26th, 2023!!!

Our 4th ANNUAL – ACCU “Fun Shoot & Pig Roast” will be EXPANDED this coming 4th Saturday in August of 2023.

Please come back for ALL the details, as they are confirmed!!!

ACCU – 2022 Ballot Proposals Flyer

Please download and print out the (PDF) flyer (link below); 

And then spend time, every DAY this month in passing it out to everyone you know in Michigan!!!

ACCU’s September Monthly Meeting – Poll Challenger Training with Credentials

You are invited to attend ACCU’s Monthly Meeting THIS Monday, September 12th, 2022 at 6:00 – 8:00 pm, Torch Lake Township Hall;

Click on this link for all the details;

See you Monday night,….bring a friend and share this link!!!

P.S.  We will be discussing the 2022 Ballot Proposals,…we may have to repeat our 2018 Electronic Billboard campaign again this year!!!???

Michigan’s Mid-Term November Election Could See 16 Ballot Proposals

(Click on the underlined links to read the petitions)

The 2022 gubernatorial election is shaping up to contain a record number of ballot proposals allowing voters to take on a wide array of hot-button issues.

A total of 16 proposals have been put forward to the Michigan Secretary of State with topics from dueling voter amendments to drugs and abortion amendments to a variety of COVID-19 pandemic topics and the raising of the state minimum wage. None of the proposals have been approved to appear on the ballot as of Feb. 7. 

The Michigan Board of Canvassers is expected to meet on Feb. 11 to approve language on several proposals.

The Michigan Board of Canvassers has received four ballot proposals to amend the state Constitution: 

  • Protect the Right to Vote petition– The Michigan Republican Party-driven proposal would require photo ID or a signed affidavit to vote; would require a partial Social Security number to register to vote; would provide state-funded IDs to those who need them; would make it so absentee ballot applications would only be available on request; would set the times for absentee voting ; and would make all elections run through public funds by disallowing private donations.  
  • Promote the Vote 2022 petition – The League of Women Voters/ACLU/Voters Not Politicians proposal would insert language in the state Constitution that would bar any law from creating an “undue burden” on voters; It would allow absentee ballots to be counted six days after election if they are postmarked by Election Day; would require proof of identity to register to vote, but would be able to sign for absentee ballots; would require the state to pay for absentee ballot postage; would require at least one secure absentee drop box in every municipality; would enshrine the power of election audits with the Secretary of State Office.  
  • Reproductive Freedom for All Michigan – The Planned Parenthood/ACLU constitutional amendment would allow abortion in the state of Michigan; would allow the state to keep a ban on abortion after a baby could survive outside the womb without extreme measures; it would not allow any bans on contraceptives.  
  • Michigan Changes to Initiative and Legislative Process petition – The proposal would change a process the Michigan Legislature has used to bypass veto from the Governor.  It would require any ballot initiative to be voted on and not allow the Legislature to pass a ballot proposal into law after it meets the requirements.  It would also extend the validity of signatures for a petition by two years. The initiative was filed by something called Michigan Right To Vote.

There are three Michigan constitutional amendments up for a vote that have been proposed by the Michigan Legislature.  The Legislative constitutional amendments have to be passed by the Michigan Senate and House by a two-third majority before heading to the ballot:

  • Michigan Two-Thirds Lame-Duck measure – The constitutional amendment was proposed by House Speaker Jason WENTWORTH (R-Farwell).  The proposal would require any bill proposed between November and the start of a new Legislative session, known as a lame-duck session, receive two-thirds majority to pass. It has passed the House, but not the Senate.
  • Michigan Civil Service Employee Legislative Communication measure – The constitutional amendment was proposed by a group of Michigan Senators in March.  The amendment would keep state civil service employees from being disciplined for talking with legislators or their staff.  It has passed the Senate, but not the House.
  • Legislative Vote to Suspend Legislator’s Salary measure – The proposal passed in the House would amend the Michigan Constitution to allow a legislator’s salary and expense account to be suspended for unethical actions or excessive absence.  A vote would need to pass both chambers of the Legislature by a two-third majority. It has passed the House, but not the Senate.

There are nine citizen-initiated state statutes that are heading to the state Board of Canvassers.  These proposed laws can create veto-proof legislation that can be directly passed by the Michigan Legislature if they collect the number of signatures to end up on the ballot.  If the legislation is not taken up by the Legislature, then the proposals end up on the ballot:

  • Voter ID Initiative – The proposal would require an ID card to vote in-person or by absentee ballot.  
  • Michigan Election Audits Initiative – The proposal would create a Forensic Audit Board that would be responsible for auditing election results, including those from November 2020. 
  • Michigan Minimum Wage Increase to $15 – The proposal would increase the minimum wage in the state to $15 per hour by the year 2027.  The increase would start at $11 per hour starting in 2023 and increase by $1 per year until the $15 cap. 
  • Payday Loan Interest Rate Cap – The proposal would set the interest rate on payday lenders at 36% annually.  Any rate exceeding the cap would be deemed unenforceable.  The initiative would also create a consumer warning for payday loan businesses. 
  • Unlock Michigan II – The ballot proposal would limit the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and county health department emergency orders to 28 days unless approved by the legislative government controlling the area. 
  • This Liberty and Justice for All proposal – The initiative would incentivize good behavior in prisoners through credit for time served, regardless of their sentence date.  Under current legislation, according to the ballot measure, only prisoners sentenced after April 1, 1987, are eligible to have time knocked off for good behavior. 
  • Student Opportunity Scholarship Program – The Great Lakes Education Project-backed measure would create a program called the Student Opportunity Scholarship that would allow organizations to register with the state to distribute scholarships to students for both public and private education.  
  • Student Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit – The proposal would create an income tax credit for anyone contributing to the Student Opportunity Scholarship program. 
  • Decriminalization of Psilocybin Mushrooms and Other Plants and Fungi – The proposal would decriminalize the cultivation, possession and use of psychotropic plants and fungi, such as mescaline, peyote and psilocybin mushrooms. 

Antrim County Board of Commissioners & Clerk,…served a “Constructive Legal Notice” by county resident, 1-20-22

Click on the link below to access a PDF file copy of the “Constructive Legal Notice” that was served on the Antrim County Board of Commissioners and Antrim County Clerk – Sheryl Guy, by county resident, Randy Bishop at their monthly meeting, Thursday January 20th, 2022;

  • Next Monthly Meeting; Monday, March 11th, 2024, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Location; VIDEO MEETING ONLY!!!

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