The Antrim County Conservative Union, LLC is a non-profit “501C-4 social education club”.

It’s Executive Board members are;
Victoria Bishop – President/Treasurer, and Randy Bishop – Chairman;

They each have several decades of Business experience, community involvement and together over 40 years of political engagement.

Your annual membership dues ($250.00 per family) and/or financial support will provide the funds to conduct monthly meetings (which are open to the Public), where we discuss the current policies and legislative issues of the day,… at all levels of government.

We meet with elected officials or candidates that are running for political office and ask them questions about their positions on these policies/issues.

We then discuss the letter grades we want to assign to these candidates for each of these policies/issues and then work to produce “Voter Guides”.

We will then distribute these voter guides to the general public; door to door, by mail and in our local newspapers.

This information will help folks make informed decisions as to who they want to support and vote for in the upcoming primary and general elections.

In addition, the Antrim County Conservative Union will operate in any legal activity allowed under section 501(c)(4).

Please print out the form below and mail it, along with your personal or business check (NO donor information will be shared or reported) to;

Antrim County Conservative Union
P.O. Box 650
Elk Rapids, Michigan 49629

Click on this link for the printable ACCU Membership Form (a PDF file);